Schnauzer Dads

Learn about our Schnauzer Dads

These are our Dads.

Our Dads Theodore and Simon where also handed pick from other respectable breeders!

Our Dads are fun loving and out going with lots of personality.

We breed for quality not quantity!

We raise all our dogs from puppies. We feel its very important to know each and ever dogs personality and health, So we can produce healthy happy puppies!  

Our Moms and Dads are very important to us!

Come on in and take a look at our Dad's Theodore and Simon. They are awesome boy's.


Here's a little about our boy Theodore !


Here's a little about our boy Simon! 

We have Hand selected our Schnauzer Dads carefully from other respectable breeders. We feel it very important to not just breed any dog . We look for conformation, personality and most important health. We didn't just buy from any breeder we did our research to find the best dogs we could for our breeding program. 

My blood lines come from Lucky 7 Schnauzers a kennel with awesome dogs!!

We are dedicated to bringing the best Puppies possible to our customers!

We love what we do!

Schnauzer Breeders

My plan is to have babies available most of the time!

Schnauzer Puppies Health

Hand Raised with Love - Bred with Integrity

Thank you for visiting our Dads page!

Please contact me if you have any questions about our Dads or call any time 307-247-2913