Schnauzer Moms

These are our Moms!

We have Hand selected our Schnauzer Moms carefully from other respectable breeders. Our blood line have come from Lucky 7 Schnauzers and JOJO Schnauzers. Their parents have been OFA tested!

Its very important that we pass on good health to our puppies. 

We are dedicated to bringing the best Puppies possible to our customers!

We love what we do!

Schnauzer Breeders

My plan is to have babies available most of the time!


Eleanor is an amazing Mom!

She love those babies!


Poppy and Simon had some sweet puppies!



More information coming soon!

Daphne has blue eyes!!

More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!

Schnauzer Moms

Schnauzer puppies Health 

All our dog are health checked yearly after they have had all their puppy vaccinations to insure their health!

Schnauzer breeder

Hand Raised with Love - Bred with Integrity

If you have any question on my Moms please feel free to ask.