Miniature schnauzer breeders
Our Schnauzers are Established in Health.

Miniature schnauzer breeders

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Juels Rocky Mountain Schnauzers

About us

Hi, we are Juel and Guy Benson owners of Juels Rocky Mountain Schnauzers. We produce high quality miniature, toy and teacup schnauzer puppies, we are tremendously proud of this incredible schnauzer breed, and we are highly focused on producing a limited number of whelping per year to maintain the high standard we have established for our schnauzers! Our Schnauzers are bred in health, demeanor, trainability and conformation. These traits are important to us because of the therapy, trainability and love these dogs offer to children and adults. The schnauzers are an incredible companion and amazing therapy dog. Lovable and easy to train!

We have been breeders for 15 years We Have selected our puppies through a very careful process. We raise all our breeding adults from puppies with careful selection!

Miniature schnauzer's breeders 

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  1. The Miniature schnauzer has a very Regal look.
  2. The Miniature schnauzers is very intelligent
  3. Their family loyalty is amazing!
  4. The Miniature schnauzer is on the top of the non-Hypoallergenic dog list!
  5. The miniature schnauzer is very lovable and the best companion!!

We produce a variety of miniature schnauzer colors Chocolate (Liver), Black and Silver, Salt and Pepper, Black, Liver Pepper, Liver Tan and all these come in the Parti colors. Our sizes come in teacup 3-6 pounds, toy 7-9 pounds and miniature 10-14 pounds! We love raising these beautiful babies (puppies) so we can offer them to other family's. We love what we do! We hope you enjoy our puppies-dogs as much as we do.

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Miniature schnauzer coat types

We also have two different coat types of super coats and mega coats! All of our miniature teacups and miniature toy schnauzers have super coats or mega coats. We have a two-year guarantee, and you don't have to order special vitamins or puppy foods to receive it! That's what sets us apart from other breeders.

Miniature Toy and Teacup schnauzer breeder
Miniature schnauzer breeders

We breed miniature, teacup and toy schnauzers for quality not quantity which sets us apart from so many other breeders!

We hand raise all of our puppies!

We don't buy schnauzers already raised by other breeders; we raise our breeding dogs from puppies!

Health and personality are very important to us!

Our Schnauzers are bred in health, demeanor, trainability and conformation.

These are all important genetics.

We hand pick all of our puppies

We keep our prices reasonable!

We want everyone to enjoy these wonderful, lovable Miniature, Teacup and Toy schnauzers' babies.

Schnauzers! Friend for life!


What beautiful companion's and Therapy dogs the miniature schnauzer is for everyone!

Puppies are a blessing!

We thrive to bring you the best puppies possible!

Please feel free to ask questions and to call anytime We don't require a puppy questionnaire!

We love having personal conversation with all our customers so we can get a personal feel for each and every person, so we know what you are looking for in a sweet schnauzer puppy!!

Miniature schnauzer breeder

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Miniature schnauzers breeders 

  We breed with integrity!

 Quality not Quantity!

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We love what we do our dog are very important to us.

Welcome to my family, come on in and enjoy a little Schnauzer time with us! I'm sure that you will find these darlings as wonderful as we do. We want to thank you for your visit to our site.

Miniature schnauzer breeders 

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Casper, Wyoming

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Miniature schnauzer breeders

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