Miniature schnauzer breeders
Our Schnauzers are Established in Health.

Miniature schnauzer breeders

We have two upcoming liters in mid July 2018

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About us

Hi, We are Juel and Guy Benson Miniature schnauzer breeders, We are tremendously proud of this incredible Schnauzer breed, and are highly focused on producing a limited number of whelping per year to maintain the high standard we have established for our Schnauzers!

Miniature schnauzers breeders

We live on 10 acres providing our beloved schnauzers ample room to thoroughly enjoy these are not only lovable, but also highly playful creatures.

We have 5 children and 8 grandchildren and have found this breed to be extraordinarily loving with the entire family. So our puppies get lots of socializing from all ages.

Toy, Teacup and Miniature schnauzers breeders

Miniature schnauzer breeders

We initially discovered the loveliness of the schnauzer when we purchased our first Miniature schnauzer. "Alvin" came into our home, and immediately settled into our hearts very lovable and such a good temperament, we were eager to discover as much as we could about this outstanding breed. We are very excided to have found a breed that not only we can offer to others as wonderful loving pets for life but also the Schnauzer does not shed for some people that are allergic to dog hair this is a wonderful opportunity to own a wonderful friend for life we realized that our excitement and devotion to the breed quickly became a family endeavor to breed quality and health into our miniature schnauzers, not only are they wonderful pets and companions Miniature schnauzers are therapy dogs for all ages!!

Here at Juels Rocky Mountain Schnauzers We are interested now in breeding schnauzers with the integrity that meets the standards and health set by the AKC so that we may offer these beautiful Miniature schnauzers to other families who require a loving, yet wonderful healthy family pet. I have found the Schnauzer to be friendly with everyone and very wonderful with children

We Hand raised all our breeding dogs from puppies so we know each dogs personality and health. We feel knowing each dog is very important part of being a Miniature Schnauzer Breeder. You don't know what you have when you buy dogs someone else has raised. Our babies (Schnauzers) came from Lucky 7 Schnauzers, so that means we selected parents from another wonderful breeder, who's puppies-dog pass on amazing temperaments and health. I have been a breeder for 15 years. We love what we do. The Schnauzer has been a pleasure to work with such a great pet for all kinds of people to love.

 We love being Miniature schnauzer breeders.

Miniature Schnauzers are very intelligence!

Toy and teacup

We breed for quality not quantity which sets us apart from so many other breeders!

We hand raise all of our puppies!

We don't buy dogs already raised by another breeder!

Health is very important to us!

We breed the best in health, conformation and temperament.

These are all important genetics.

We hand pick all of our puppies

Our female all welp ( Give Birth ) on their own!

We keep our prices reasonable!

We want everyone to enjoy these wonderful, lovable schnauzers babies.

Schnauzers! Friend for life!

What beautiful companion's and Therapy dogs!

Miniature Schnauzers

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Miniature schnauzers breeders 

Do your schnauzer research it will help you!!

 Please do you research on the schnauzer breed before buying one.

It will help you to know exactly what your getting so there's know surprises.  

We breed with integrity!

 Quality not Quantity!

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welcome to our family, come on in and enjoy a little Schnauzer time with us! We're sure that you will find these darlings as wonderful as we do. We wants to thank you for your visit to our site. We are Schnauzer breeders of Wyoming Juel and Guy Benson

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