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Jeanette has been retired 



We will Miss her!!

Jeanette Schnauzer
Jeanette is one of our little lady's we will be using for breeding!

Jeanette schnauzer

Jeanette is one of my girls, She is a teacup Schnauzer Jeanette weighs 4 pounds 9 oz her color is a black and white parti girl. She is a awesome girl full of energy and love!!!

Jeanette Schnauzer 

Jeanette is a beautiful Black and White Parti with and amazing personality, she loves everyone and is a very playful loving girl, very obedient, she loves to please and learn. Jeanette knows all command she is fully trained! Very smart!! Jeanette loves attention so she will get as close to your face as she can with out touching it just to get some love and a belly rub!

She would set on your lap forever she is just a sweet little lady!

Jeanette has produced some awesome puppies small but very healthy!

Puppies coloring has been black with Mega coat's.

Theodore is Liver and tan or chocolate with a Mega coat that's the sir of Jeanette's puppies!  

Jeanette is my little fire ball so out going and loving.

She gets along with everyone and loves playing with other dogs!

she does have a protective side! But if we are ok with a stranger so is she.

Just another person to snuggle with!

Puppies are a awesome companion for all ages

please treat them good!

I ask all my customers to do some research before picking a breed of Puppy-dog for their family's!

We love schnauzers!!

Thank you Juel

What a great addition to our family. Jeanette has had two liters of  puppies!

Here are a few pictures of Jeanette's puppies! Jeanette's puppies are small, but very healthy! Jeanette's puppies sizes are ranging around 3-5 pounds full grown!

This is Squirt! one of Jeanette's girl puppies!

from her last liter!

Here is another one of Jeanette's puppies!

very small and cute!

Midget has a very thick mega coat Like her dad Theodore!

She was a very sweet girl

like her mommy Jeanette!

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