Miniature Schnauzer Dads

Learn about our Schnauzer Dads

Miniature Schnauzer Dads

These are our dads.

Our Dads are very important to us, we hand pick them and hand raise them!

Our Dads are fun loving and outgoing with lots of personality.

We raise all our dogs from puppies. We feel it is very important to know each and every dog's personality and health, so we can produce healthy happy puppies!

It's very important that we pass on good health to our puppies! 

We are dedicated to bringing the best Puppies possible to our customers!

We love what we do!

Miniature Schnauzer Dads

We limit our quantity to assure quality!

Come on in and take a look at our Dad's They are awesome boy's. Click the blue links below to find out more about our Dads.

Meet Tad, what a beautiful boy!

Tad is liver and tan parti, with a mega coat.

He weighs 9.3 pounds.

Tad is a very sweet boy and loves all who will pick him up!

Snuggles, Snuggles!!

Tad is AKC registered.


Meet Teo, He is the sweetest boy!

Teo weighs 9.7 pounds and is a red parti, with a Curley mega coat.

Teo had the best personality, very easy going. Loving and kind spirted, he is just a lover all the way around.

Teo is AKC 


Meet Titus what an amazing boy´╗┐.

Titus weighs 10.2 pounds and is Black and Silver Parti

Titus has a Mega Coat non-faded

Titus is a character; he is fun loving and not much bothers him. He loves playing with his toys and you can bet when he disappears, he is off playing with a toy! We just love this guy!! 

Titus is AKC

Titus's puppies are turning out wonderful!

Meet our new boy Tye, what a sweetheart.

Tye weighs 8.6 lb. He has a mega coat; he is black and silver.

Ty is a delight; very sweet and loves to play with his toys and the other dogs!

Ty loves everyone that will snuggle him and pick him up. We are so excited to add him to our breeding program

Tye is AKC

We have Hand selected our Schnauzer Dads carefully from our liters or other responsible breeder!  We feel it's very important to not just breed any dog. We look for confirmation, personality and most important health. Our breeding dogs are all hand raised by us.

We are dedicated to bringing the best Puppies possible to our customers!

We love what we do! (Schnauzers)

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Please contact me if you have any questions about our Dads or call any time 307-247-2913

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