Schnauzer Health and Nutrition

Schnauzer Health and Nutrition

Your puppy's immune system in not fully developed until 12 weeks of age. To prevent him or her from diseases, its crucial to keep up on puppy vaccinations schedule as recommended by your veterinarian. Schnauzer Health and Nutrition is very important to puppy's long-term Health. It's also a good idea to keep young puppies away from other places dogs have soiled until they have been fully vaccinated around 16 weeks!

Keep in mind....
Schnauzer health and Nutrition!

Like a baby, your young puppy needs lots of rest and sleep in the daytime as well as night. Keep playtimes short. Don't force puppy to have long periods of activity. Resist the urge to show puppy off to everyone right away give puppy time to adjust to his or her new home. Also remember that any behavior you allow puppy now will likely follow him or her (Puppy) onto adulthood. Teach good habits early and be consistent with puppy it will pay off in behavior!

Schnauzer Health and Nutrition

Puppy and Dog foods

Puppy and Dog foods are very in portent to your puppy's long-term health. Food should always have Meat as the first ingredient low in crude protein. Should always be grain free! We feed Pro Plan very good puppy-dog food. Our puppies and dogs have been very healthy with lots of vibrant and beautiful coats. Fresh water is also very important. I always recommend checking with your veterinarian first before deciding on which foods are right for your puppy-dog.


Schnauzers are very energetic and love to play, go for walks, play fetch. My schnauzers love playing with their toys. Schnauzers are very playful and need lots of love and attention. Schnauzer like any other breed of dogs doesn't do very well isolated in a crate. That's not what crates are intended for. 

Socializing your puppy is very important

Puppies are very socialized here before going to their new forever homes. We highly recommend you keep on socializing your new puppy. The schnauzer is a little bit on the fearful side around stranger anyways so very important to socialize them. Puppies that aren't socialized become fearful and out of fear become aggressive just like any other breed of dogs. Socializing is very impotent to a puppy's well-being. Puppies generally love everyone. 

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