Schnauzer information

Schnauzer information personality, growth, size, coat colors and coat types!

Schnauzer information

Schnauzer Breeders

Schnauzers Personality

The schnauzer breed is hardy, smart, and gets along well with children.

The schnauzer was developed as a small farm dog, used as a ratter. Their size (12-14 inches at the withers) it has made them adaptable to small city live, but they can still be in the country and cover a lot of ground with out trying.

As a rule the schnauzer is not a fighter but he will stand up for his self if needed.

The schnauzer is seldom addicted to wandering, they love their family and home and also do very well as a guard dog alarm.

The schnauzer has good health and very good temperament. 

Schnauzer Information on Growth

They believe that the Schnauzers Grows until they are about 1 1/2 years old most of their height comes in the first 9 months of age after that it is tissue and muscle mass.

Schnauzer sizes

Teacup size 3-6 pounds

Toy size 7-10 pounds

Miniature size11-24 pounds

 Different schnauzers coat-hair types

Simon is a Liver/Chocolate with a non-fade Mega Hair, Simon's color will fade about 10% each year.

Regular coats have a wire feel to them not very soft.

Super coats are a little thicker and feels soft.

Mega coats are very thick and very soft!

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Schnauzer information

Schnauzer Training and Research

We would like our buyer to research the schnauzer breed it's always helpful to know the background of the Schnauzer Breed. It will also help you with the schnauzer training and obedience. Schnauzers are beautiful animals with lots of intelligence but can be a little stubborn like any other breed. We have some helpful links on our website to help you with your research. Our schnauzers are registered A.K.C. Please feel free to ask questions that is part of what we love doing!  

Animals have different Personalities

Animals have different personalities just like people. As a breeder we start to tell by the time puppies are around 6-8 weeks old a little about personality which will help us to choose the right puppy for your family.

It is best not to get a puppy under the age of 8-9 weeks and that is with all breeds, puppies need at least 8 weeks with their siblings, to learn social skills. Some breeders want to tell you otherwise but not true, it also helps with their health to be with siblings. We have been puppy breeders for 15 years and also breed Angus cows. Puppies-dogs all have different personality! Please make sure you let me know what you're looking for. We will do our best to place the right puppies with his or her forever family!

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