Schnauzer Payments

Schnauzer Payments

Juels Rocky Mountain Schnauzers Deposit Policy

Purchasing a puppy is a commitment

Schnauzer Payments

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Be sure your ready for the commitment before sending a deposit, We want you to be committed to your new puppy to provide a loving home and a safe place for one of our wonderful precious puppies.

Schnauzer Payment



Schnauzer-payments or deposits can be made on puppies not yet born. 

Deposits are $250.00 if you would like pick or to reserve a puppy, after puppies are born the other $250 is due with in two weeks, unless we have made other arrangements!

After puppies are born my deposits are $500.00

If deposit has been made on puppy it's Non-refundable.

We will do our very best to find you the perfect puppy.

We can move your deposit to the next liter but you will be bumped to the bottom of the list if there is one at that time. 

Contact me if you would like to make a deposit or get on my waiting list. 

Our Waiting list does not require a deposit on puppy but if someone gives a deposit they go to the top of our list.

If your on the waiting list with out a deposit, our deposits are due with in one weeks after your puppy is born!

Schnauzers Payments

We love to work with each and everyone on a personal level! We like to get to know each buyer so we can make the right match for both buyer and puppy!!!

We like puppies to be paid for two weeks before pickup dated! When puppy is 6 weeks of age.

Puppies will have to be paid for in full before we will send them to you or you can pick them up!!

We don't give refunds for changing your mind but will move you to the next available spot on my list.

Just keep in mind puppies go fast and it might be a while!

  We will charge $12 a day for boarding If puppies arranged pick update is delayed unless we have made other arrangements for said puppy!!

Please keep this in mind!

Schnauzers Payments

Our Toy Schnauzer Puppy prices range from $1250 to $1550.

Our Teacup Schnauzer puppy prices range from $1600 to $1800.

 We don't sale any puppies to small with breed rights!

Prices depend on size and coats! 

Breed right are a extra $500

Payments can be made through money order, cashiers check, PayPal, and Cash I'm working on a few more options. I do take personal checks for deposit only. 

You can also send payment to us Via Wal-mart has money gram!

It's sent Wal-mart to Wal-mart only.


Schnauzer puppy Shipping

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Juel Benson

307-247-2913 or email 

Schnauzer breeders

Hand raised with Love - Bred with Integrity

Please research the schnauzer breed before you decide to be a owner.

We recommend that when buying any breed.

Dogs all have their own characteristics and purpose!!