Schnauzer Care And Grooming

Schnauzer Care And Grooming

Hair Types
Schnauzer Care and Grooming

Schnauzers have different types of hair from regular hair super hair to mega hair.

  1. Regular hair is course and thin.
  2. Super hair is a bit softer and thicker.
  3. Mega hair is very soft and much thicker.

Schnauzer Breeders

Our breeding dogs all have Super or Mega hair.

Mega hair is also a little different some thicker than others but all thick.

Grooming is part of owner ship of a beautiful schnauzer puppy.

We have provided some tips and links on grooming if you would like to do your own.

We have lots of good groomers here!

We are sure you do too, if you decide to take your schnauzer out for grooming!

Are Schnauzers Hypoallergenic

Some dog lovers have a misfortune of being allergic to the animals they love and adore and because of this there are people who have developed Hypoallergenic dog breeds.

These dogs may not be 100% Allergen free, but it makes it possible for dog lover to own a forever Schnauzer friend!!

All Schnauzers are on the top ten Hypoallergenic list of dogs

About 10% of our population is allergic to animals!

The schnauzer is different for other animals they actually have hair instead of fur!

Which means less dander and almost no shedding!

The schnauzer is bathed and groomed more often because their hair grows!

The top ten dogs that are Hypoallergenic

#1 Poodle all sizes

#2 Miniature Schnauzers all sizes

#2 Maltese

#3 Bichon Frise

#4 Labradoodle

#5 Portuguese

#6 Soft coated Wheat Terrier

#7 Maltese

#8 Chinese Crested

#9 Afghan Hound

#10 Kerry Blue Terrier

The schnauzer is better for people with allergy because they don't shed. My son has allergies and asthma he does very good with the schnauzer breed. Keeping them clean like regular bathing and grooming also really helps.

We love what we do! Schnauzers are a joy to work with and such a wonderful companion.

Thank you for your visit.

Please feel free to ask question that's what we are here for. We what to provide you with as much information as you need! Schnauzers are a lifetime friend and companion.

We have two upcoming liters for more information on the liters and parents visit my Available puppy page.

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