Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia

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Hypoglycemia is a Nervous System Disorder

Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia

Nervous System Disorder

Hypoglycemia is a nervous system disorder caused by low blood sugar. It happens mainly in small breeds, like Toys and Teacup between 6-12 weeks of age. It's usually caused by puppy being stressed.

Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia

Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia

The first signs are weakness and depression it will come on fast.

Hypoglycemia is accompanied by muscular weakness, sleepiness like having a hard time getting up when awakened, vomiting and possibly diarrhea, tremors. If not taken care of quickly convulsions and coma can occur!


Not always is the process seen.

The puppy my just seem depressed or weak- wobbly. Please be aware. Hypoglycemia can occur without much warning sometimes so be aware.

Hypoglycemia! When puppy is flown or placed in a new home. These things put a strain on the energy reserves of the liver and bringing on symptoms.

Puppies should not be weaned on hamburger and other meats because they are likely to develop hypoglycemia.

High quality food is highly recommended!

We use Royal Canin puppy food.

Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia


If puppy is unconscious, he or she will have to be given a Dextrose solution intravenously.

Veterinarian may have to treat for swelling on the brain. Feed high quality puppy-dog food.

Puppies and Hypoglycemia

Take puppies Home!

Be sure and take your puppy home right away.

Don't drag puppy around with you for everyone to see.

Have them come to your house and limit them, for the puppy has already been stressed!

Give Puppy a few days. Your puppy will adjust quickly and be running around.

If not, please let me know right away.

Make sure puppy is eating well and has full access to fresh water!

You should monitor your puppies eating and drinking for at least a few weeks to be sure it's going well. Puppies eat every 4 hours when very small.

That also includes nighttime!

Miniature Schnauzers Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia Treatment

If your puppy becomes Hypoglycemia, it is very important you react right away.

Give your puppy Nutria-Cal honey or karo syrup Nutria-Cal being your first choose it is a fast-acting calorie supplement.

If you use honey, you might have to use finger to get puppies mouth open then put on roof of the mouth and under tongue the puppy must take it.

Keep puppy warm at all times they cannot regulate their own body temperature at first.

Give the puppy a couple of doses of Nutri-Cal put a small amount on tip of finger then get right to the vet.

When I get my schnauzer babies, I keep Nutri-Cal on hand.

You can try to prevent Hypoglycemia by adding honey daily to water as an option. 

Mix 2 tablespoons of honey or sugar in 1/2 cup water each day or mix in puppies' food.


We start our puppies on Nutra Cal a few days before they go to their forever homes to help with blood sugar levels!

We recommend giving Nutri Cal for at least a few days after receiving your new puppy.

It will help!

Please contact me if you have any problems

We will do our best to help you!!

Hypoglycemia usually happens during the weaning process.

Hypoglycemia usually happens during weaning!

If puppy is really small don't let your breeder talk you into taking puppy home to soon'

Find a responsible breeder!!

Some breeders are all about how many puppies they can produce and how fast they can send then to their new homes!!

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