Miniature Schnauzer Elsa

Miniature Schnauzer Elsa

Elsa is one of our girls we will be using in our breeding program!

Miniature Schnauzer Elsa

Meet Elsa she is pure white with a Mega coat, she weighs 8.6 lbs

Elsa is a beautiful girl with lots of personality, she is full of energy and spunk, but also loves to snuggle. Elsa is the kind of dog a breeder dream's of ! she's smart, eager and has a even temperament. Else is really awesome with kids, in fact she is so patient, they can pull and tug on her and it doesn't phase her! Elsa is a fast learner and wants to please her people! Elsa has started her basic training and is doing awesome, so darn smart! We are so excide to have Elsa in our breeding program, can't wait to see her puppies!!

Hand Raised with love
Bred with Integrity

We take pride in our puppies-dogs and guarantee the best health possible!

All of our puppies come with a heath checks from our certified veterinarian.

All puppies-dogs come with their updated vaccinations and dewormed done by our licensed veterinarian. We don't give our own vaccinations, we feel it's important to have a licensed veterinarian give your puppies first vaccinations.

Tails docked no later then 3 days after born!

We also have a care package and care information that goes home with each puppy !!

 Our Schnauzers are bred in health, demeanor, trainability and conformation.

We handle our puppies ever day it makes them healthier then puppies left by their self in crates all day!! :/ A well socialized puppy makes a well balanced dog!

We don't recommend special dog foods and or vitamins to get our guarantee

We do recommend Royal Canin puppy-dog foods! 

Read about our guarantee on our health guarantee page!

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