Theodore toy schnauzer  
Theodore is a wonderful boy

Theodore toy schnauzer

Theodore toy schnauzer is one of our amazing boys in our breeding program

Theodore is AKC registered

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We love what we do!

Theodore was hand picked for our breeding program! He came from a breeder with great blood lines!

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Theodore has one of those loving personality's and is a beautiful boy with the most beautiful coat so very thick and soft. He has produced some awesome baby puppies! His puppies colors range from salt/pepper, Liver/pepper, liver and also Black!

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Theodore is a handsome little guy! He is liver and has a mega coat so very thick and beautiful. Theodore weighs in at 8 lbs. He is toy in size. Theodore has the best personality very calm and loving, but he's also very playful and outgoing. He loves everyone. Theodore has his very favorite ball he loves to play with and it goes every where he goes! what a fun little guy. 

Theodore has been DNA certified by the AKC

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Theodore loves to snuggle he is quite the little snuggle bug!! He is also very playful and is very obedient. I have taught him how to wait, sit, down, stay, leave it, in, out, stop, no and of course come.

Schnauzers of all sizes are very smart and learn fast! Theodore loves going for walks on his leash.

Schnauzers are happy where ever their loved apartment or the country.

Schnauzers get sad if not loved each day!!

Theodore toy schnauzer

What a Handsome little guy!!

Theodores puppy Pictures!

What a cute little guy!

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All puppies-dogs come with their up to date vaccinations, dewormed. Tails docked no later then 3 days after born! We also have a care package and care information that goes home with each puppy !!

 Our Schnauzers are bred in health, demeanor, trainability and conformation.

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